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Edge storage in Basler IP cameras

Multipix Imaging has introduced edge storage in all Basler IP camera models. The SD card functionality already available in Basler’s IP dome cameras will now also be integrated into the company’s IP box camera range.

In this setup, the microSDHC card slot provides for local storage of up to 32GB of data. This functionality makes it possible to store live streams or single camera images in configurable time intervals on an SD card. If a network failure occurs, the camera acts as a backup solution by recording video streams to the SD card. When the network connection has been restored, the video management system can retrieve the data and merge it seamlessly with video footage captured before the connection was interrupted.

When using an efficient encoder type such as H.264 and a high-capacity SD card, a Basler IP camera can independently capture and store images for an extended period of time without transmitting data back to a client. This is especially useful in remote surveillance locations, since the camera will not require any network connection.

Basler IP cameras are available as box and dome models with resolutions of VGA to 5 Megapixels and frame rates of up to 100fps.


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