DxO Analyzer v5

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DxO Labs has released a new exposure time measurement setup for the DxO Analyzer v5, a measurement solution providing in-depth RAW and RGB image quality analysis and diagnosis for any image capture device.

With this new feature, DxO Analyzer v5 provides an automated solution for measuring exposure time, shutter lag, Electronic Rolling Shutter (ERS) delay, vertical blanking, frame time, frame rate, and missing frames for both still and video CMOS-based camera products.

DxO Analyzer v5 uses advanced image processing technologies to deliver a precise characterisation of Electronic Rolling Shutter (ERS) distortions. The new setup combines the DxO LED Universal Timer, shutter triggers, and software, all developed by DxO Labs to deliver the advantage of automatic test shot processing.

The DxO LED Universal Timer features high-count and small-cell LED arrays that deliver exposure time measurement precision up to 10µs. Coupled to the DxO LED Universal Timer, DxO Analyzer v5 scans the shots and automatically provides a test report with all ERS measurement data, including automatic detection and counting of missing and duplicate frames.

DxO Analyzer v5 offers a range of solutions for reliably evaluating, diagnosing, and fine-tuning digital camera products and prototypes in any industry that uses image capture devices, including photography, mobile phone, automotive, surveillance, medical imaging, machine vision, aerospace, and defence.

The system measures all relevant image quality parameters: colour, resolution (MTF) and sharpness, dynamic range, exposure, noise, and most optical aberrations. It includes test lab specifications and equipment, documentation, automated analysis software, and supporting services.