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Kane Computing has launched two new products, DS-4000HCI-VSP and DS-4000HCI-VSS under their Vision-Eye label. These products integrate the DS-4000HCI range of H.264 PCI encoder boards with PC video server software to create a complete ‘out of the box’ video security monitoring system.

The Vision-Eye Video Server Package provides H.264 video encoding, with OggVorbis audio resulting in smaller file sizes with a lower demand on network bandwidth. The PC-DVR software provides control of memory consumption and storage across up to eight separate hard disk partitions or network drives. Users can specify whether to stop recording, or automatically overwrite oldest stored footage when a disk becomes full or reaches a pre-determined volume.

The package includes a configurable motion-detect recording with multiple detection zones, adjustable sensitivity and day/night motion compensation. Configurable recording and streaming properties means users can choose from ultra-low-bandwidth QCIF (176x288) video, right up to high-quality, full-motion (25fps PAL/30fps NTSC), full D1 (704x576) quality video at up to 4Mb/s. Other functions include video streaming over HTTP, JPEG streaming and integrated biometric support.


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