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Drivers within uManager software

Andor Technology, a provider of scientific imaging and spectroscopy solutions, has made available a set of drivers within μManager for their complete range of iXon+ and Luca EMCCD cameras. Within this environment, these drivers offer iCam-optimised acquisition to enable researchers to enhance the performance of microscopy experiments.

μManager is an increasingly accepted open source software platform for imaging and control of automated microscopes. Constructed as a downloadable plug-in for ImageJ, an image processing package, μManager provides a comprehensive imaging solution, enabling both hardware control and data analysis in one. Its Java environment provides a route to customisation with various scriptable macros.

Andor's iCam technology is a combined firmware and software innovation, which is integrated across all Andor EMCCD imaging cameras and offers next-generation EMCCD speed performance during tightly synchronised and complex multi-dimensional microscopy experiments.


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