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Driver kit for uEye cameras

Imaging Development Systems (IDS) has developed a single driver kit for all models of the uEye range. This allows camera integration independent of model or interface constraints. Once configured, the application allows a free choice from more than 100 camera variants available – from monochrome VGA models with USB port through to high-resolution 5 Megapixel colour cameras with Gigabit Ethernet interface.

The drivers and software development kit (SDK) are included with every uEye camera. The SDK also comprises demo programs for camera integration and image acquisition, which come complete with the corresponding source code in C, C++ and VB. This gives developers the possibility to quickly integrate the demos in their own applications and customise them as required. The SDK supports all the current Windows operating systems. SDK versions 3.30 and higher also run on Windows Vista. The USB models of the uEye series are additionally available with a Linux driver.

Besides a TWAIN driver, an ActiveX component and a DirectShow/WDM driver for the users of standard software solutions, direct interfaces for many other current machine vision programs are also available, such as ActivVisionTools, Common Vision Blox, Halcon, NeuroCheck, or LabView.


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