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Digital piezo-controllers

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Digital piezo-controllers from piezosystem jena (d-Drive and d-Drivepro) offer flexible control for customized systems such as cameras, illumination systems, optical shutters or external measuring systems.

Now, piezosystem jena can offer a comfortable trigger function. Trigger signals can be generated dependent on the position of the stage: Rising edge; Falling edge; On both edges in the direction of the movement.

An additional function sends out a trigger signal for a period of movement. This trigger-point can be shifted automatically as a free chosen and defined value.  In connection with a camera or a controllable light source slow motion effects can be realized.

Application example: Pictures of an object should be recorded every 10 ms by using a MIPOS 500 micropositioning system. Totally 500 pictures should be generated. Total time for the task will be 5 sec. Single step of the MIPOS 500 system will be 100 nm (50 µm / 500 steps).

Finally the piezo amplifier generates a trigger signal every 100 nm which operates the function of the camera.