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DeGould Auto-compact Drive and Track

Automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can now experience faster quality checks and fewer damage claims thanks to the integration of Sony cameras within DeGould’s AI-powered vehicle inspection systems.

The DeGould Auto-compact Drive and Track captures ultra-high resolution images using Sony Alpha 7RIVs, Sony Alpha 9IIs and Sony lenses. DeGould’s dent arch lighting system and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms provide industry-leading dent and damage detection.

Sony’s Camera Remote Software Development Kit (SDK) enables Sony’s full-frame Alpha cameras to be integrated into DeGould’s vehicle inspection systems. Working in conjunction with DeGould’s AI, the Sony SDK helps the software transfer the images from the camera to a separate folder for AI processing and analysis.

DeGould’s AI is highly precise; this is because of image acquisition. Sony cameras and the Sony Camera Remote SDK provide 61MP resolution images. Images are recorded for review in the DeGould dashboard to determine plant quality and assign damage liability, improving the OEM supply chain.

Using cameras with full-frame sensors provides higher quality images, permitting a more accurate AI response and high-quality damage detection.

Dan Gould, Founder of DeGould, said: “Our AI is extremely capable, but it can only pick up what it can see. If we were to use a 5MP image, we would miss important details; using a 61MP image, as we get from the Sony Alpha 7RIVs, we can capture every necessary detail.

“Irrespective of the car colour being scanned, we’re able to maintain ultra-high image quality. We can also remotely adjust much more with our cameras than our competitors can. This level of control is possible due to the Sony Camera Remote SDK.

“By using Sony’s advanced imaging technology and with ongoing support from their technical team, we are developing the ideal solutions to solve the problems inherent in vehicle inspection.”

DeGould’s technology was first employed by Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) within their finished vehicle distribution chain. The first Auto-scan system went into the JLR plant in Solihull in 2014. Since then, every Range Rover to leave the Solihull plant has passed through a DeGould system.

Yasuo Baba, Director, Digital Imaging, Sony Europe BV said: “The expansion of our B2B offering is a fundamental part of Sony’s long-term vision in the imaging market, and since the launch of our original Camera Remote SDK, we have worked with some incredibly exciting customers, including DeGould, to design some fascinating imaging applications. We are fully committed to the evolution of this SDK and will continue to add functionality based upon customer feedback as well as incorporating compatibility with the latest models in our line-up.”

Following the launch of the original Sony Camera Remote SDK in February 2020, Sony has launched a new SDK, adding compatibility with the newly announced Alpha 7 IV and key functionality to support third parties in the development of bespoke applications utilising the industry-leading performance of Sony cameras.

Version 1.05 of the Camera Remote SDK, which is available to download for free, offers new features including ‘Still Image Capture Complete’ notification that supports greater efficiency in constant shooting situations, and the newly added ability to Preset Focus and Zoom, a feature that has been requested by many customers.

A new Remote Transfer mode for all content captured means that cameras can remain in situ whilst the results are reviewed which contributes to an efficient camera workflow. And the newly added feature of ‘Zoom Speed’, being able to change zoom speed remotely, paves the way for speedier capture. To minimise the possibility of erroneous operation, developers can now also disable hardware keys on the camera by ‘Lock Operation Parts’ itself.


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