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Sony Europe's Image Sensing Solutions Division has announced an automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) camera, which provides easy integration with existing access control systems. The Sony XCI-NPR uses the industry-standard Wiegand protocol, allowing OEMs to add ANPR capability to their product lines, quickly and easily.

Aimed primarily at applications within the corporate parking sector, the XCI-NPR transforms an existing swipe card or badge reader solution used for access control, into an ANPR system that offers dramatically improved ease-of-use. It includes all of the hardware, software and interfaces that are required to integrate with bespoke or standard access control systems, eliminating the need for additional access control software and time-consuming systems integration.

The XCI-NPR integrates a Sony SmartCamera loaded with number plate recognition software, infrared illumination source, lens, and power supply unit, into a standard IP66-rated CCTV housing from Videotec. The system can recognise number plates from up to 25 European countries at a range of 3m to 18m, and includes 10/100 Ethernet and RS232 interfaces, as well as 26-bit and 37-bit Wiegand capabilities that are commonly used in access control systems.

The XCI-NPR is designed for simple set-up, deployment and maintenance. The housing provides easy physical access, while a browser-based utility is supplied for both initial configuration and on-going management. Intended for 24/7 free-run recognition with no external trigger, the module provides wrong plate detection and notification.

The camera can be set up with two alarm functions, allowing it to control external actions such as illuminating a light or raising a barrier. Alternatively, these alarms can be used for other purposes, for instance to trigger video recording via an external CCTV camera as part of as an image management system.


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