Deep Sea View system

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Kane Computing Ltd (KCL) are pleased to announce the latest product to their portfolio, Deep Sea View (DSV) is an Electro Optical (EO) system for locating surface and semi-submerged objects in coastal waters and open oceans from aerial platforms.

This is achieved by:

1.    Digitizing the output of the custom sensors

2.    Applying signal and image processing algorithms


·         Sensor

    • Dimensions 8” X 5” X 4”
    • Weight 7.0 lbs (w/50 MM lens)

·         Rugged Laptop

    • Dimensions 11” x 13” x 5”
    • Weight 16 lbs

·         Options

    • Various lens based on potential operating platform
    • Algorithms, based on potential operating environment


·         Detection of low contrast objects on or below the surface of water

·         Deployed from aircraft, helicopters and UAVs

·         Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance

·         Detection of semi-submerged flotillas

·         Stealth – based on passive sensors

·         Open architecture – easy to integrate

·         Small footprint

·         Light-weight

·         Low power