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Till Photonics has released the Andromeda-iMIC. This microscopy imaging workstation combines a broad range of imaging applications, integrating methods such as TIRF, FRAP, photo activation, FRET, FCS, multi-photon, structured illumination and Till's proprietary Laser Spinning Disk Confocal Andromeda.

The system derives its outstanding performance and versatility from its optical concept, requiring only a single disk and placing (long-pass) dichroic mirrors into the infinity space. This greatly improves the point spread function (PSF) and provides high resolution and excellent optical sectioning.

Andromeda-iMIC provides a modular concept for multi-application configurations, automated control of complex experiments, and flexible software for changing demands.

The Laser Spinning Disk Confocal (Andromeda) system offers improved smoothness of rotation (all units run at 10,000rpm), square illumination field optimised for 2/3-inch CCD and 8.2 x 8.2mm EMCCD chips, and full automation of all filters (15-position excitation filter wheel, 9-position emission filter wheel and 5-position dichroic mirror slider).


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