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Datalogic Matrix 450

The Datalogic Matrix 450, available from Multipix Imaging, is a high-end industrial 2D reader designed for logistic applications. The imager captures 5 million pixels 15 times per second, meeting the requirements of both automated and manual material handling with outstanding decoding capability on 1D, 2D, stacked and postal symbologies.

Each high resolution image offers wide coverage, enough to scan the entire practical area over many slot sorters, cross-belts, tilt-trays, bombay and small-drop systems. It is the perfect solution for high speed inspection on conveyors and for automated identification in manual material handling applications. With high power continuous lighting, white illumination, aiming laser pointers, patented coloured spot indicators, http live image mirroring, the Matrix 450 is a comprehensive solution for manual scanning in presentation mode for object sorting or conveyor loading/unloading.


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