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CR Series

The CR Series of compact GigE Vision high speed cameras from Optronis are now available from Stemmer Imaging. The series features the ultra sensitive CR600x2 and the ultrafast CR5000x2. 

Both of these versatile cameras benefit from MultiSequence and MultiSegment facilities. Typical applications include: process analysis in machine building, optimisation of production workflow, material testing, research and development, crash testing, and combustion and explosive testing.

MultiSequence allows several sequences to be acquired into the image memory of the camera. The whole image memory is separated into several partitions. After the acquisition each sequence can be viewed or downloaded independently. MultiSegment allows one sequence to be acquired into the image memory of the camera and segmented into small parts using individual triggers. The stored sequence can be viewed or downloaded. Sequences can be downloaded in BMP, TIFF, AVI or MPEG format. Extended trigger possibilities include: internal, external and automatic image trigger.

The CR600x2 is the most sensitive high speed camera from Optronis and features a 16GB image memory which allows very long recording times for operation even at very low light levels. Using a pre-and post-trigger ring memory, unexpected events can be captured easily. The freely adjustable image trigger allows an automatic recording through movement detection inside the image. Operating at a speed of 500fps, the CR600x2 has a resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels, which can be extended to 2560 x 2048 using the optional Ultraformat pixel sampling system.

The CR5000x2 offers a frame rate of 5000fps for capture of the fastest events. This can be extended to 10,000fps using the optional Ultraspeed pixel readout system. Also capable of operating in low light levels, the CR5000x2 features a resolution of 512 x 512 pixels, or 1024 x 1024 pixels using the optional UltraFormat.

Both cameras are mounted in rugged aluminium housings for use in harsh environments. Both benefit from the well-established, easy-to-use Optronis CamControl control user software. The standardised Gigabit Ethernet interface allows the camera to be readily integrated into existing networks or notebooks and PCs without any additional hardware.


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