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CPN 4.5/90 lens

The Schneider Group has introduced a 90mm f4.5 lens to its line of high-resolution line scan lenses. The CPN 4.5/90 lens provides magnification from 0.2x to 0.4x.

The focal length of the new Apo-Componon 90mm lens reduces the required working distance, decreasing the space required for the camera-lens assembly. It allows system designers to make their machines both smaller and more stable, because shorter distance optical assemblies are less sensitive to vibrations and temperature drift.

At f4.5, the lens speed helps to increase image brightness and reduces the system costs associated with illumination assemblies. Like all Schneider ultra‑high resolution l2k Line Scan lenses the new 90mm lens features Schneider iris-locking mechanism and robust design to ensure extremely reliable and precise measurements in high‑vibration manufacturing environments. To optimise lens performance to highest possible level, all Schneider 12k Line Scan lenses come with the position of ‘best average azimuth’ marked right on the lens body. System manufacturers can compensate for all residual asymmetric tolerances by using this mark to align the lens with the line sensor.

Each of Schneider's l2k Line Scan lenses features image circles of up to 90mm and is designed for 5μm pixel size cameras having up to a 62mm sensor. The large image circle and the low distortion of these lenses enable users to utilise the newest 8k and l2k cameras to improve productivity in surface and web inspection processes.


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