Conference on Hyperspectral Imaging in Industry launched

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Industrial hyperspectral imaging specialist Perception Park is pleased to announce the Conference on Hyperspectral Imaging in Industry CHII2016 which takes place from 15 to 16 June in Graz, Austria. The first conference of its kind, focusing on current and future hyperspectral imaging developments for industrial applications brings together all interested parties in the field of hyperspectral imaging from the relevant industry segments.

Interdisciplinary crosslink

The hyperspectral community is comprised of very diverse stakeholders. While instrument suppliers are primarily focused on the technical details of their cameras, researchers strive to find even the smallest spectral details. On the other hand, application engineers need to develop new solutions and must be able to integrate hyperspectral cameras into existing machines. “This is why, together with partners such as SpectroNet and the Enterprise Europe Network as well as supporters like the European Space Agency ESA, we decided to organise the CHII2016 Conference, which acts as an interdisciplinary crosslink between application developers, component providers and methodology developers”, says Markus Burgstaller, Managing Director of Perception Park.

Hyperspectral training and field reports

Day 1 of the CHII 2016 conference will feature contributions from industry players presenting their present and future solutions within the field of hyperspectral imaging. On the second day, various training sessions will provide participants with essential skills for industrial hyperspectral imaging; enabling them to exploit the potential and ease of use of this powerful technology over the course of one day.

Experts from various industries share experiences

The general industry focus of the conference facilitates sharing of experiences between participants from various fields of application such as food processing, recycling or medical/pharmaceutical industries. This is actively supported through a matchmaking event for pre-planned face-to-face meetings besides the official program.