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TruePixa camera and D50 LED illuminator

Chromasens has introduced a vision-based inspection system that incorporates spectral image capture of pixels in twelve individual colour channels. Being vision based, it also allows measurements everywhere within the field of view of the camera.

The fully-automated modular system combines the Chromasens TruePixa multi-channel line scan camera with its Corona II broad-band line light.

Chromasens' TruePixa cameras feature 12 spectral selective sensors that simultaneously scan the object within the complete visible spectrum. The resulting spectral images provide for precise space-resolved spectral measurements in the whole image and in arbitrary areas of interest. With up to 3,500 pixels per channel and 21.1kHz line frequency, the cameras achieve high resolution at speeds up to 6 metres-per-second.

The Corona D50 LED line scan illuminator combines superior homogeneity of light distribution with illumination strength up to 2,500,000 lux, allowing the TruePixa line scan cameras to operate at far faster speeds than conventional models. Designed for precise colour inspection, the Corona D 50 has a smooth and balanced spectral characteristic similar to the standard daylight illumination D 50. Emitted LED light is focused using the company's patented mirror technology to achieve optimal light shape and spectral homogeneity in the illumination focus range.


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