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Condor-1000 MS1-FV

Quest Innovations has released the Condor-1000 MS1-FV. Specific selected customers have been testing this Foveon based camera with good results.

The Condor-100 MS1-FV uses a Foveon X3 F13 direct image sensor, an advanced colour image sensor. The image sensor technology combines the power of digital photography with the essence of film. The camera uses a three-layer Foveon technology which allows the camera to have full optical resolution at all colours without filter array mosaic artefacts.

The camera sends out complete images at full resolution for red, green and blue channels. Because of the three-layer technology and the special registers on the sensor, the Condor-1000 MS1-FV can be operated in a line scan mode with perfect registration in the RGB channels. The RGB data has no spatial offsets in any direction. The camera can switch between line and area operation to facilitate application development and camera alignment. Different versions will be made available in Q1 2011 with 8- to 14-bit resolution, GigE, Full or dual Base Camera Link.


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