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Cognex Vision Library 7.0 CR7 release

Cognex has announced Linux support for the Cognex Vision Library (CVL). The CVL 7.0 CR7 release supports Linux kernel 2.6 and later versions, and works with Debian, Fedora, Red Hat, and Ubuntu distributions. It makes use of the XLIB graphics library for display, and directly supports the latest GigE cameras. Cognex’s image acquisition SDK lets users integrate other camera interfaces, such as USB and Camera Link.

Linux offers numerous advantages for machine builders in high speed, precision manufacturing operations, including more deterministic behaviour and greater control over operating system upgrades. It also works with a variety of microprocessors, including those on low-cost embedded processor boards.

CVL is Cognex’s highest performance machine vision library, with an object oriented C++ API for hundreds of powerful vision tools. It is intended for professional vision programmers who must meet the most demanding performance requirements. It includes PatMax, PatInspect and other Cognex alignment, inspection, and ID tools, as well application-specific packages for semiconductor, LED, PV solar, and touch screen display inspection manufacturing.


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