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Bosch serialisation solution uses high-speed ID reader

The In-Sight 5613 vision system with high read rates is the heart of an inspection and identification module for track-and-trace solutions from Bosch Packaging Technology.

In late 2016 a new European counterfeiting directive is coming into force prohibiting the sale of prescription medicines without clear labeling. The pharmaceuticals industry is under pressure, since the new rules require manufacturers and distributors of medicines to use end-to-end track & trace solutions to ensure traceability along the entire supply chain. Cognex, the leading manufacturer in the field of image-based ID technology, offers a suitable high-performance ID reader to comply with the regulations. The In-Sight 5613 vision system from Cognex is installed inside an inspection and identification module from system integrators AIT Goehner, which in turn is integrated in a track & trace solution from Bosch Packaging Technology. The ID reader excels in this application with high read rates even for high-speed packaging processes and 1-D and 2-D codes applied off-center.

 The transitional period for Directive 2011/62/EU ends in early 2019. In addition to implementing this directive, manufacturers of pharmaceuticals are obliged to establish a global strategy for the end-to-end assignment of serial numbers, to adapt their packaging processes and implement new procedures for the management and storage of the serial numbers in time for this changeover. It is apparent that flexibility plays a key role in the realization of suitable solutions, since many manufacturers supply their products to countries with different labeling rules. Consequently, besides the modularity of the machine concept, it is also essential to ensure the flexibility of the ID reader deployed.

“Various projects, such as in Saudi Arabia for instance, have shown that Cognex cameras contribute substantial added value thanks to their flexibility,” says Daniel Sanwald, Product Manager for Track & Trace at Bosch Packaging Technology. “We rely only on absolutely dependable high-end components and, in doing so, offer greater reserve capacities and robustness.”

By way of example, the Cognex In-Sight 5613 vision system is designed for extremely fast applications – coupled with very high resolutions of up to 1600 x 1200 pixels. This ensures that it is capable of reading and verifying all standard code and fonts reliably and quickly, such as 1-D codes, 2-D data matrix codes and characters. Thanks to the patented Cognex algorithms, not even fast-moving, off-center codes pose a problem for the In-Sight 5613. Its interfaces permit simple integration into the machine controller and offer numerous options for its adjustment to the respective parameters, such as lighting conditions, temperatures and process speeds. In just a few simple steps, the inspection and identification module from AIT Goehner can be aligned to read code from the front, back or above.


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