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CN-PoE Series LED light controller

CCS Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the new CN-PoE Series LED Light Controller featuring Power over Ethernet (PoE). Users can centralize their inspection system to a PoE hub for simplified system design.

With PoE, only a single LAN cable is needed for data connection and power for either 2 or 4 light units up to 10 W. The CN-PoE Series is compatible with a wide selection of over 350 models of CCS standard LED lights so that users can choose the optimal lighting solution.

PoE allows users flexibility of installation, as it means that the controller can easily be set away from the control panel. The controller is also compact enough (W50 x D70 x H34.8 mm) to fit in tighter spaces within an inspection system.

The CN-PoE Series supports continuous and strobe lighting with 256 levels of light intensity. The controller provides accumulated values of controller power ON duration, light ON count/duration, and other operation data for more effective system monitoring.


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