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Clarity 2.0 software in Mandarin

JADAK, a business unit of Novanta Corporation ("Novanta"), is excited to announce the release of Clarity 2.0™ Machine Vision & Image Analysis Software in Mandarin Chinese. The Mandarin software includes the full functionality and enhanced features included in the Clarity 2.0 version released in June 2017. This includes the 'Help' Menus on the right side of the screen within the Clarity software, which provides additional support by clicking the F1 Key.

Clarity standard plug-ins include Presence/Absence, Count, Pattern Match, Decode, Finder, Measure, Image Process and Color Detection. With several standard features, Clarity provides the building blocks for the most common image analysis applications.  JADAK's machine vision software was designed to enable users to easily configure the image analysis functionality needed for specific applications. As many or as few of the standard plug-ins can be used and modified, making every application unique for individual requirements. The easy to use and intuitive graphic user interface makes Clarity 2.0 a powerful tool, providing users with as much or as little control as desired in designing a machine vision inspection solution. Clarity 2.0 can also be easily updated and modified as a user's product inspection and tracking needs change. Users only need a basic understanding of machine vision to be able to configure the software.

"The Mandarin version of Clarity was requested by many of our customers in the Asia Pacific region," said Mike Zhou, APAC Account Manager at JADAK. "We expect faster and broader adoption of our machine vision platform now that the software is available in our native language."

JADAK is the primary supplier of embedded machine vision solutions to the healthcare market, providing both smart camera imagers as well as software. Machine vision uses image processing to inspect for visible characteristics, analyze results and record findings, leading to increased automation, consistency and efficiency. Smart cameras are used to obtain images, which then communicate through machine vision software, to process the data and make decisions based on the information.

With years of machine vision experience in the medical market, Clarity provides the flexibility to configure and control basic machine vision solutions with smart cameras. Unlike other development tools that require a separate computer to be part of the final machine vision solution, Clarity is downloaded directly onto all of JADAK's smart cameras. Clarity can run on a Windows PC, but the actual inspection logic runs on Clarity-compatible cameras. Running Clarity directly within the hardware eliminates the need for a personal computer in the device, saving space, cost and reducing the device's overall footprint. Additionally, the Clarity 2.0 Software can be configured to function with imagers where the inspection logic is shipped to and resides in a host, making the software camera-agnostic.

Clarity machine vision software is designed for inspection applications in healthcare, manufacturing, shipping, packaging and other operations that require improved quality through an automated inspection process. Applications can include, but are not limited to, any combination of the following:

  • Inspecting a test tube, biological sample, or product to confirm color
  • Inspecting a product to ensure accurate labeling, or perform logo detection for anti-counterfeiting purposes
  • Counting items such as pills, or parts on a production line
  • Reading a barcode on an item for validation
  • Inspecting an object to ensure a feature is present, such as caps on test tubes, or parts on a finished product
  • Inspecting an object to measure its size

JADAK's Clarity compatible smart camera devices include the FM-5 and FM-6 Fixed Mount Imager, the SC-6 Fixed Mount Smart Camera, and the VIBE close-focus smart camera.


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