AllPixa Pro 2k colour line scan CCD camera

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In the allPIXA™ pro 2k, Chromasens is delivering to market a powerful color line scan CCD camera at an affordable price point with the flexibility to meet a range of high-speed applications in machine vision and factory automation.

By achieving maximum line rates of 2048 x 3 pixel resolution at 90.7kHz, the allPIXA pro 2k provides a 300% increase in speed compared to conventional CCD cameras when used in CameraLink Full mode. It also has improved responsivity thanks to an upgraded tri-linear CCD sensor, while retaining the best legacy features of the original Chromasens allPIXA in a more compact footprint. Large 10μm CCD pixels combined with high speeds enable the camera to economically meet the throughput rate demands of color print verification, tile inspection, food and fruit sorting, flat panel inspection, and other machine vision tasks, allowing more products to be inspected in less time.

Chromasens allPIXA pro 2k cameras offer excellent color accuracy, including capture in the NIR waveband. Continuous white balancing compensates for color differences in different types of light, while an assortment of programmable features give precise control over key performance variables. For added flexibility, the camera can be mounted in multiple angles thanks to its internal keystone correction, plus it has adapters for F-mount, C-mount, M39x1/26", M42x1, M72x0.75 lenses. It all adds up to unprecedented speed and unmatched vision power on the plant floor.

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23 May 2022

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30 September 2022