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ChipEye 5Side

EVT has released ChipEye 5Side, the ChipControl command set with five side inspection, as a complete system. The vision sensor can be purchased as a complete system comprised of illumination, lens, camera and software, called ChipEye Coplanarity.

The ChipEye 5Side, in combination with the software solution ChipControl, is ideal for inspection of various semiconductor parts, checks for aspects like Pin1, coplanarity, scratches, and many others.

With the five sided slot in ChipEye, a component part can be imaged and evaluated by the software from five different sides at the same time (top and four flanks). The robust body of the slot and the 5 Megapixel camera means even the smallest defects are detected and measured – the pin gap can be measured to a micrometre, for instance.

Imaging parameters can be set easily within the software by drag-and-drop, similar to the EVT EyeVision software.


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