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Point Grey, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative, high-performance digital cameras, announced the introduction of the Chameleon3, a new family of USB3 Vision board-level cameras.The Chameleon3 camera line combines the ease-of-use of USB 3.0, the small size and flexibility of board-level, and the most popular CCD and CMOS image sensors into an affordable package.

Available in a compact 44 x 35 x 19.5mm case or as a 40 x 31mm board stack, the Chameleon3 is well-suited to a wide range of space-constrained applications. The Chameleon3’'s lightweight metal case is designed for reliability and offers multiple mounting points and a locking USB 3.0 connection. The board-level version offers configuration flexibility and can be equipped with either a C/CS-mount lens holder or a smaller S-mount (M12) lens holder. Other standard features include an on-camera frame buffer for image retransmission, opto-isolated GPIO with locking connection, and a hassle-free 3-year warranty.

The first Chameleon3 CM3-U3-13S2 models are based on color and monochrome versions of the popular Sony ICX445, a 1/3" global shutter CCD sensor capable of 1288 x 964 image resolution at 30 FPS. The EXview HAD CCD sensor technology offers excellent imaging performance with high quantum efficiency and NIR sensitivity, in a cost-effective 1/3" optical format. Additional Chameleon3 models will be released throughout 2015, including the 1.3 megapixel On Semi Python 1300 global shutter CMOS, and the 2.8 megapixel Sony ICX818 global shutter CCD.