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Ladybug5 camera

Point Grey has released its Ladybug5 camera, the next-generation version of its Ladybug series of 360° cameras. The new LD5-U3-51S5C boasts 30 megapixels of total resolution covering 90 per cent of a full sphere; a 5Gb/s USB 3.0 interface; and a post-processing workflow that provides high dynamic range, superb image quality and maximum user flexibility.

The Ladybug5 spherical imaging system is an excellent choice for applications in geographic information systems (GIS), vehicle-based photogrammetry, situational awareness, and entertainment solutions for lighting models, full dome projection content, and other immersive experiences.

The LD5-U3-51S5C camera uses six high-sensitivity 5 megapixel Sony ICX655 CCD image sensors; five CCDs are positioned in a horizontal ring and one is positioned vertically pointing upwards. Unlike rolling shutter CMOS, global shutter CCD technology prevents motion artefacts when capturing images from a moving vehicle.

All six Ladybug5 imagers are pre-calibrated, removing the need for in-field calibration. The Ladybug5 captures, optionally compresses, and transmits full bit-depth (12-bit) images to the host PC where a software post-processing workflow can be used to apply white balance, gamma, smear correction, fall-off correction and other image processing functions.


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