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Chameleon protective enclosures

autoVimation has expanded its Chameleon series of protective camera enclosures, adding a model for the FLIR AX8 thermal imaging camera. The germanium and BK7 glass windows are perfectly aligned with the FLIR AX8 imagers to allow simultaneous operation of the infrared camera, visual camera and LED lighting. The rugged aluminum enclosure with protection class IP66/IP67 is designed for long-term use in demanding industrial environments with high humidity levels. In order to compensate for thermal expansion and vibrations, autoVimation does not glue the germanium and BK7 lenses, but fits them with a special sealing system.

Under normal ambient conditions, the enclosure requires no internal cooling as the solid camera mounting plate ensures reliable heat dissipation. The manufacturer provides extensive accessories including a wide range of brackets and mounting kits for precise angled orientation. An optional dovetail profile on the back of the protective enclosure ensures heavy-duty, vibration-proof connection to the brackets. The enclosure measures 175 mm x 80 mm x 57 mm without cable gland.


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