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cellSens version 1.7

Olympus has released version 1.7 of its cellSens software. New to the software is the 2D deconvolution tool, which improves images by applying a true de-convolution on a single image, without the need for acquiring a z-stack, for clear images of samples stained with multiple fluorochromes.

The latest release also supports the optional Well Navigator solution, for rapid and intuitive set-up of multi-well imaging studies. The system can meet the needs of all users with customisable pre-sets for a wide range of plate formats and panoramic imaging of each well. As focusing is an issue when moving across large multi-well plates, this new solution works with the Olympus ZDC focus compensation unit, which can automatically maintain perfect focus without need for user intervention.

The software supports a dedicated real-time processor that facilitates advanced imaging via microsecond synchronisation of the camera, light source and filter units. The new cellSens 1.7 database has also been redesigned to provide centralised data storage management, optimised for multi-user access. Large groups, or even different institutions, can share research data securely, while maintaining quick and easy access through customisable databases.

There are also a number of user interface enhancements in cellSens 1.7, including the ability to use existing images to set the microscope system to the same acquisition settings, ensuring consistent analysis across many different samples. Furthermore, the new Dark Skin mode reduces monitor brightness when performing fluorescent imaging, while maintaining clear coloured icons for intuitive ease-of-use.


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