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Celera One

CELERA One, originally developed on specific request for OEM customers, is now available for standard sales, providing the same excellence in quality, flexibility and performances of CELERA platform, with the only exception of a single USB3 interface. Keeping the same extremely reduced dimensions and rugged design, CELERA One cameras are suitable for most applications, such as automated optical inspection, high performance sorting systems, industrial metrology, microscopy, medical diagnostics. CELERA One features Alkeria smart trigger management system and Advanced

Sequencer, allowing up to 64 different video settings to be applied to a sequence of subsequent frames.

CELERA One is currently available with AMS/CMOSIS CMV and SONY Pregius® sensors in monochrome, color and NIR option; featuring an up-to 12 bit Analog/Digital conversion, the camera comes with an SDK for Windows and Linux with a rich set of code samples in the most common languages such as C# and C++.

With a significant more cost effective price range, CELERA One extends Alkeria offer to those applications requiring nothing but the best in terms of quality and ease of use, without the need of extreme framerate.


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