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Camelot intelligent cameras

Kane Computing has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Imaging Diagnostics to market and sell its range of Camelot intelligent machine vision cameras in the UK.

Camelot is a family of digital cameras for machine vision applications, with fast USB2 connection and an embedded digital signal processor. It is capable of performing advanced image processing algorithms in the camera on-the-fly and storing a buffer of images in the camera without the need to send all images to the PC. The cameras are intended for medical and industrial applications requiring superior image quality, high performance and yet attractive pricing.

The processor-centric architecture transfers real-time image data from the module's on-camera sensor directly to the Blackfin BF548 high-performance DSP for processing. 64MB of system DDR buffer memory stores enough image data to prevent data losses, and Blackfin's high-speed 480Mb/s USB2 connection streams live (30fps at 1.3 Megapixels) pre-processed video to a host PC. Meanwhile, the Blackfin's system-level 8/16-bit Host DMA interface transfers data through the system quickly.

Incorporating a Blackfin, with its ability to support the required advanced image-processing intelligence in the camera itself, off-loads computational cycles from the host PC allowing the application to focus on its responsibility for image or streaming data acquisition and analysis. The device's provides standalone independence from external power supplies, using only the power from the USB.

Camelot cameras are used in a hand-held medical diagnosis device for detecting Malaria that reduces user error resulting in lower mis-diagnosis and improved treatment.


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