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Point Grey Research, a manufacturer of advanced digital camera systems, has added four models to its line of Bumblebee2 IEEE-1394a (FireWire) digital stereovision cameras.

The models are based on the addition of a wide-angle 2.5mm focal length M12 microlens to the current line of microlenses available in the Bumblebee2. Offering a 100-degree horizontal field of view, the Bumblebee2 models are ideal for a variety of stereovision applications, such Censys3D-based people tracking where the height of the ceiling is low, and indoor mobile robotics that require peripheral vision.

The Bumblebee2 camera line now offers a total of 12 different monochrome and colour models that are designed to provide a balance between exceptional 3D data quality, processing speed and high frame rate, size and price. Like other members of the Bumblebee2 family, these new models are housed in a 157 x 36 x 47.4mm metal case enclosure with a second generation calibration retention system for improved resilience, IEEE-1394a 400Mb/s port for digital data, and general purpose I/O connector for external trigger and strobe.

As a binocular camera, the Bumblebee2 contains two 1/3-inch progressive scan CCD sensors, and transmits both the left and right images to a PC via an IEEE-1394 interface. All Point Grey Research stereo products include the FlyCapture SDK and Triclops SDK enabling users to control camera settings, adjust image quality and access real-time depth range images using stereovision technology. Extensive example programs and source code are also included for ease of integration.


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