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BP 850-80 HT infrared filter

Schneider-Kreuznach is pleased to present the new BP 850-80 HT infrared filter as an addition to its range of bandpass filters. This filter has been specially developed for applications with powerful infrared high-power LED’s (850nm), which are becoming increasingly popular. Cameras equipped with these LED’s can deliver night-time images up to 20-30 meters. The Schneider-Kreuznach infrared filter in combination with an 850nm LED light source produces strong and shadow-free infrared illumination that is visible to many sensors but invisible to the human eye.

Therefore, it is perfectly suitable for the use in surveillance systems and industrial applications. Another area of application for NIR illumination in combination with the new BP 850-80 HT filter are medical applications, as water and hemoglobin absorb almost no NIR. This well-known "therapeutic window" allows spectral analyses from body surfaces to functional analyses of the brain. Schneider-Kreuznach offers the BP 850-80 HT bandpass filter in a choice of 1 mm or 2 mm thickness and mounted in the usual filter threads.


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