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Boulder Imaging appoints leadership staff

Boulder Imaging (BI), machine vision and artificial intelligence experts, announced recent additions to the leadership team: Joey Nesbitt, Director of Hardware Engineering and Kathy Giansiracusa, Director of Accounting and Administration.

In addition to the new Directors, BI has grown its team by more than 50 percent over the last year, with strategic hires in software, manufacturing, and field application engineering. The marketing team has also grown with a graphic designer and the finance department with an accountant.

“Rapid business growth has enabled us to expand the team, most notably in Customer Care,” said Don Mills, BI President and COO. “We now have over 200 systems operating around the world so the new skills and talent have been integral to our continuing to provide the highest level of service.”


Joey Nesbitt joined BI in early 2019 and was recently promoted to Director of Hardware Engineering. In this role, Joey leads the development and deployment of BI’s industrial machine vision applications. With a myriad of experience spanning 10 years, including machine vision, manufacturing, and operations, Joey works closely with customers to understand requirements and deliver high-performance inspection solutions. As the inventor named in several patents in the machine vision industry, Joey brings a passion for cutting edge solutions to solve our customers’ most difficult challenges.

Kathy Giansiracusa, CPA, CFE recently joined BI as Director of Accounting and Administration. In her new role, Kathy drives financial management and planning for BI and its affiliate, IdentiFlight International. She has held CPA certification for more than 10 years and recently achieved CFE certification. Her diverse background includes accounting, finance, and process improvement for oil and gas, financial hedging, private equity, and construction.

“We have assembled a uniquely talented team of Directors at Boulder Imaging,” said Carlos Jorquera, BI CEO and CTO. “These individuals, along with Jason Luttrell, Director of Quality Assurance, Shelley Vierra, Director of Marketing and Communications, and Aaron Coppage, Director of Hardware Engineering – IdentiFlight, are integral to providing leadership of our growing company, driving our revenue growth, enhancing our technology and providing premium customer care. Don and I are proud to recognize the contributions of the Director Team to the company’s success.”

Recertification for Intergraf CWA 15374

Boulder Imaging is also pleased to announce that we recently achieved recertification for Intergraf CWA 15374, a designation for suppliers to the security printing industry. Following an annual rigorous audit of the organization's security management systems, BI was granted renewal of the certification. BI remains the second U.S. company and the only U.S. machine vision technology supplier to be accredited by Intergraf.

“The comprehensive emergency planning required by Intergraf has proven to be highly beneficial when COVID-19 business disruptions began and has been an unexpected benefit to our certification,” said Don Mills, BI President and COO. “Our thorough business continuity plan, developed with Intergraf guidance and including a Pandemic and Infectious Disease Plan, has allowed us to seamlessly continue to service our projects and customers and maintain regular communication without disruption.”

Intergraf has developed standards for security printers and their suppliers for over 15 years and initiated the development of the CWA 14641, CWA 15374 and, most recently, ISO 14298 standards in cooperation with representatives from standardization organizations and industry experts from 25 countries on 5 different continents. Intergraf’s certifications have been a recognized reference for governments and industries to rely on in the area of essential security management procedures.

Additionally, Intergraf certifications provide core requirements for interacting and conducting business in today’s security printing market. International Standards offer a means of communication and cooperation across borders, making them an increasingly useful tool. To learn more about Intergraf certification, visit CWA 15374.

Boulder Imaging's RESERVE is a high performance inspection system dedicated to the security paper industry. With industry-leading speed, accuracy and resolution, the RESERVE machine vision inspection system detects, measures, and classifies defects and non-conformities in banknotes and security paper.


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