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Reserve machine vision inspection system

Boulder Imaging, machine vision experts, announce the launch of RESERVE Powered by Boulder Imaging. The RESERVE machine vision inspection system detects, measures, and classifies defects and non-uniformities in banknotes and security paper.  For the past six years, Boulder Imaging has provided machine vision inspection technology for a leading global producer of currency products.

“Banknotes are becoming increasingly complex with numerous security features and more elaborate design,” said Carlos Jorquera, Boulder Imaging CTO and COO.   “Printers continually invest in advanced security features, however, inspection technology often does not keep pace with production. With RESERVE, we look forward to offering an inspection option that provides unprecedented speed, accuracy and resolution for the security paper industry.”

Don Mills, President and COO added, “As currency features continue to evolve, Boulder Imaging’s project delivery team and engineers collaborate with customers to ensure the hardware and software solution meets both existing and anticipated inspection requirements.”

Flexible and adaptive, RESERVE can be implemented throughout the production process to provide manufacturers with the ability to identify and correct problems in real time. The user interface is configurable to display results from live or recorded inspections and multiple views are available so that users can review individual defects or a complete roll map.

VISION INSPECTOR, Boulder Imaging's proprietary software platform, detects and classifies the full spectrum of banknote features and defects in real-time, incorporating full data collection, archiving and traceability.


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