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Boa Pro smart camera

Teledyne Dalsa has launched its Boa Pro smart camera. The camera is a compact industrial vision solution incorporating Sherlock inspection software with diverse applicability across all manufacturing industries.

Boa Pro applications are configured through a web browser via a standard Ethernet interface. During development, images from the camera are fed directly to the Sherlock GUI and commands from the program are executed directly on the camera. This methodology optimises the user design experience while providing an accurate representation of runtime performance. A secondary interface is available through a standard web browser for device setup, runtime monitoring, and firmware updating. At runtime, Boa Pro runs autonomously and can be disconnected from the PC.

The camera offers advanced interface, field-proven tool set, JavaScript based scripting tool, full-featured off-line emulator, tiny form factor ideal for tight-fit applications, and IP67 enclosure.

Teledyne Dalsa's Sherlock inspection software provides a comprehensive set of vision tools and capabilities that can be applied to applications across all industries.


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