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AV-over-IP and video wall products

At ISE 2017, Matrox will be presenting its complete ecosystem of AV-over-IP and video wall products, offering system builders and integrators a preview of how easily Matrox products can drive their content distribution, processing, and display needs.

IP-Based Content Distribution and Decode System

The latest generation of Matrox’s Maevex™ H.264 distribution system, the Maevex 6100 quad encoder card will be capturing, encoding and streaming several channels of 4K and HD content sources from multiple inputs simultaneously. Also, on display for the first time anywhere, the Maevex 6150 quad 4K encoding appliance will be streaming and demonstrating its zero latency passthrough for all four of its inputs.

Demonstrating the versatile nature of the H.264-standard across multiple workflows, high-quality 4:2:0 and 4:4:4 streams provided by the Maevex 6100 series products will be decoded by a Matrox Mura IPX™ 4K decode & display card, a Matrox Maevex 5150 decoder, and multiple third-party media players. All Maevex devices will be controlled through the newly-released Matrox PowerStream Plus™ Maevex management software.

IP Enabled 3x3 Digital Signage Wall

Powering a 3x3 video wall, the Matrox C900 nine-output graphics card will show off its robust single-card performance in digital signage and control room scenarios. Controlled by the MuraControl™ for Windows® video wall management software, the same system will also feature a Matrox Mura IPX 4K capture and IP decoder card to demonstrate the ease of integrating streaming IP sources onto a video wall, including IP cameras and Matrox Maevex-encoded sources.

IP-Enabled 4K Multiviewer

In a security & control situation, the Mura IPX 4K IP decode and display card will power four displays arranged as a cost-effective, easy-to-integrate 2x2 multiviewer. Controlled by the Matrox MuraControl for Windows video wall management software, the multi-viewer will display multiple streams originating from IP cameras, encoding appliances, and media distribution systems.

Collaborative Dual-4K Video Wall

To underline the collaborative nature of Matrox video wall products, two Matrox Mura MPX™ video wall capture and display cards will be used to power a dual-4K wall, ideal for process control, dispatch, transportation, air traffic control and security command centers. With Mura MPX powering the two displays, a paired Mura IPX 4K capture & IP decode card will enable IP sources; the entire system capable of capturing, decoding, and displaying HD and 4K content.

A Matrox P690 graphics card will be employed in the same system as a console display, with MuraControl for Windows managing sources and the wall layout.

AV-over-IP Appliances

Matrox will have its complete line-up of H.264 encoding and decoding appliances on display, exhibiting the flexibility and nuanced control that Matrox AV-over-IP solutions offer.

Matrox's Maevex 5100 series of H.264 encoders and decoders deliver excellent streaming quality at a fraction of the price of traditional encode/decode systems. Maevex enables the extension of Full HD quality video and audio over standard IP networks with unicast and multicast support for digital signage, collaborative video walls, and many corporate and government applications.

Matrox Video Products

At ISE 2017, Matrox will also be presenting its lineup of video end-user products; including the dual streaming Monarch™ LCS lecture capture appliance and the complete Monarch family of H.264 based video streaming and recording appliances, alongside the VS4Recorder Pro™ multi-camera recording app.


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