AutomAPPPS with Halcon 11

Convergent Information Technologies has implemented a new development environment based on Halcon 11 from MVTec Software for its AutomAPPPS path planning software. The software is for robotic pick and place applications.

With the new development environment for AutomAPPPS-motion, new bin picking applications can be configured much faster. The user has the choice between different robot manufacturers, grippers, and gripping modes. Halcon supports multiple 2D and 3D sensors which mean the robot can identify and grab a large range of objects.

This solution dramatically increases the process stability. In addition, it reduces the cycle time considerably. These benefits are because AutomAPPPS-motion also considers speed and acceleration of the robot axes in comparison to conventional motion planning. Moreover, several gripping options are simultaneously checked. Because of this, the gripping procedure is optimised and the planned moves are collision free for one or multiple robots in one working cell. Moreover, the check of different redundant ways of gripping in parallel increases the success of gripping without increasing the cycle time. Halcon 11's more than 1,800 machine vision operators allow fast accommodation to different application environments and the extraction of information about objects to be gripped and environmental interferences.


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