Halcon with USB3 Vision

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The interface to MVTec's standard machine vision software, Halcon, is now available for image acquisition with all USB3 Vision compliant cameras. Key benefits of the new USB3 Vision standard are a high bandwidth, which is in excess of 350MB/s, and a plug-and-play interface with power and data carried via the same cable. Software access is managed by the GenICam programming interface.

With USB3 Vision, hardware and software from different vendors work seamlessly over USB 3.0 connections. Most recently, the Halcon USB3Vision interface has been officially validated by the AIA test procedures. In particular, it was successfully tested at the AIA plugfest on 23 October 2013 with Basler, Baumer, Matrix Vision, Point Grey, and Ximea cameras. The interface is available for Halcon 11 on Windows 7/8 (32-bit and 64-bit). In the near future, the availability under Linux is planned.

Existing Halcon users will be familiar with the new interface to USB3 Vision, because its use is very similar to the existing interfaces for GigE Vision and GenICam GenTL.