Aramis 3D camera

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GOM’s new ARAMIS 3D Camera is a 3D motion and deformation sensor for materials testing and component deformation analysis both at individual points and on a full-field basis. It provides precise 3D coordinates, 3D displacements, 3D strains, velocities, accelerations as well as 6DoF evaluations of samples and components under load.

The new ARAMIS system measures geometries as well as three-dimensional displacements and deformations of material specimens or components under mechanical or thermal load. In this case, static and dynamic deformations are not only determined at individual points, but also on a full-field basis. The non-contact measuring technology can be integrated particularly easily into existing test benches and test laboratories. With external triggers, analog data recording and data conversion, the newly developed GOM Testing Controller simplifies the complete integration of the system into existing test environments – without complicated positioning and cabling. It contains a software-based interface for programming predefined or specific measuring sequences, such as defining special dependencies between test parameters and the recording rate by means of ring buffers and trigger elements. In addition, the defined measuring sequences can be stored and exchanged as a template for further projects.

In the new testing sensor (ARAMIS 3D Camera), certified lenses are preset and installed in an industrial housing, thereby guaranteeing high stability of the sensor calibration. The preset measuring volumes can easily be changed by the user, meaning that objects whether small or large – from samples for materials testing up to aircraft components – can be measured quickly and easily. Furthermore, the tried-and-tested Blue Light Technology from GOM’s 3D coordinate measuring technology is used. Due to the narrow-band blue light from the projection unit, measurements are carried out more independently from the ambient lighting conditions.