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BitFlow recently introduced its Aon-CXP CoaXPress single-link frame grabber to address the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and other machine vision markets. Affordable yet powerful, the Aon-CXP is optimized for use with the newest generation of smaller, cooler operating CXP single-link cameras popular in the IIoT. Mating a single-link CXP camera with the Aon-CXP provides the convenience of a GigE Vision or USB3 vision camera system, but is faster, less expensive and permits longer cable lengths. It also delivers a host of features missing from GigE Vision or USB3camera systems such as triggers, encoders, strobe, waveform generators, and quadrature encoder support. All of the hardware and software components of the BitFlow Aon-CXP capture system are sourced from one manufacturer, eliminating the hassles of systems built of blocks from different manufacturers.


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