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Neon frame grabbers with Adaptive Vision Studio 2.5 support

BitFlow has announced its Neon family of Camera Link frame grabbers is now supported by Adaptive Vision Studio 2.5 software, an easy to use development environment for creating machine vision applications.

Adaptive Vision Studio 2.5 allows machine vision technicians to do their job faster and in a more convenient way due to its lack of low-level programming hassles. It solves real-life tasks in many different industries and provides integrators with the freedom to select from a variety of hardware from several manufacturers.

BitFlow Neon frame grabbers are a simple and reliable solution for Camera Link applications. The Neon-CLB is a PoCL frame grabber that provided Base Camera Link acquisition on an OEM priced platform, the Neon-CLD model supports two cameras on the same low cost x4 PCIe platform, while the top-of-the-line Neon-CLQ supports capture from four cameras simultaneously.


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