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Alticam 11 EO/IR1 imaging system for UAVs

Hood Technology, a manufacturer of advanced stabilised imaging systems, has introduced the Alticam 11 EO/IR1 payload for small tactical unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The four-axis stabilised payload for long-range imaging is also suitable for use in manned and unmanned land vehicles, ground vehicles, aerostats, unstable fixed mounts, and marine systems.

The imaging system includes customised zoom EO for visible wavelengths and cooled, continuous-zoom for mid-wave infrared (MWIR) thermal imaging. Laser channels include NVG-compatible, 830nm laser pointer, and eye-safe laser rangefinder. An additional laser designator channel is currently in development. The Alticam 11EO/IR1 payload is 25.4cm in diameter and weighs less than 5.5kg.

HoodTech’s four-axis gimbal designs, when combined with the company’s on-board image processors, offer excellent image stabilisation, pointing accuracy, and field-of-regard for the integrated narrow-FOV EO/IR sensors, and stable pointing and distance measurement for the laser channels. Optional integrated payload and video processors offer advanced target tracking, multiple moving target detection, and comprehensive image processing and payload control functions.


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