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AllPixa Evo 8K DXGE Color X camera

Offering CCD quality at a CMOS price, the new Chromasens allPIXA evo 8K DXGE Color X camera supports the most challenging color line-scan vision tasks, such as food, PCB, and EV battery inspection, and is especially effective in high-speed web and print verification where it reduces waste, improves quality, and ensures color precision.

Key to the camera's success is its 16-line, 8K pixel CMOS sensor featuring TDI (Time Delay and Integration) options for increased responsivity with maximum line rates of 3 x 90 kHz in 12-bit RGB mode. NIR pass filters enable the sensor to recognize object features in the visible and NIR spectrum at line rates of 4 x 68 kHz when set in RGB+NIR mode.

The camera's dual 10GigE with SFP+ interface makes it cost-effective to deploy it at a very low system price. Using commercial off-the-shelf components from the 10GigE eco-system, the system integrator eliminates the expense and complexity of specialized parts, including network adapters, transceivers, lenses and cables. Because fast integration is essential to reduced production downtime, it also comes with an intuitive graphical tool and an SDK for control and image capture in Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms.

The Chromasens allPIXA evo 8K DXGE Color X offers CMOS performance with CCD image quality. Its novel multi-line CMOS sensor features TDI options at line rates up to 90 kHz for 8k with the cost-efficient Dual 10GigE interface. With line and frame trigger options, variable encoder input and color conversion possibilities it is the best choice for all high-speed and high-resolution web and print inspection applications. Filters in the near infrared range enables the recognition of object features in the visible and NIR spectrum. For easier integration, an intuitive graphical tool and a SDK for camera control and high-speed image capture for Windows and Linux are provided.


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