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AllPixa firmware v1.3 and API

Chromasens has equipped its AllPixa CCD colour line scan camera with new functions, as well as an application programming interface (API). Firmware version 1.3 supports onboard colour processing with up to four individual sets of high-performance colour conversion matrix (CCM) and offers a feature for internal camera keystone distortion compensation. Camera API and firmware updates can be downloaded for free.

The AllPixa line scan camera is designed for the inspection and quality control of various objects at high speed. It has a line frequency of up to 110kHz.

The internal camera colour correction not only takes place in real-time but also does so with a higher bit depth. Rounding errors during conversion are therefore avoided. A total of up to four individual data sets can be saved in the camera.

The new firmware update also provides automatic correction of trapezoidal distortion. If the camera is not installed perpendicular to the scan object then a trapezoidal distortion usually occurs, so-called keystone distortion.

Firmware version 1.3 also makes it possible to create the shading and offset correction internally in the camera.

The function enhancement includes an additional mode which significantly reduces the data rate of the Camera Link interface. This allows a secure transfer of image data within the Camera Link specification for applications with extended cable length. There is also a new feature which enables data to be stored in the image, for example, the serial number of the camera, the encoder status, and the scan speed.

The camera API can be used to control and monitor the AllPixa. The complete package is made up of the API, a set of C++ examples with full source code (Visual Studio 2005/2010) as well as comprehensive documentation. The camera API runs on Microsoft Windows (from XP and higher) and can be used in 32- and 64-bit environments.


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