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AI LED pattern projectors

Edmund Optics has introduced AI LED pattern projectors. The design of these versatile compact illuminators make them ideal for applications requiring structured illumination.

The projectors are well suited to 3D reconstruction, visualisation and mapping, profile management, and mechanical alignment applications. They work to eliminate poor line sharpness, scattering, and diffraction effects typical of some laser sources.

The projectors are excellent for use with any C-mount compatible imaging lens and negatively patterned 21mm reticle to provide specific structured illumination geometries. These projectors may also be used without a reticle, serving as adjustable spot lights.

Multiple wavelength options are available, including blue (470nm), green (530nm), red (625nm) and white light. Several patterns, including line, cross, stripes, grid and edge patterns are available in a variety of thicknesses and spacing in photolithography or laser engraved models. A power supply and C-mount imaging lens are required and are sold separately.


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