Adaptive Vision Studio 4.2

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Adaptive Vision released version 4.2 of its flagship product - Adaptive Vision Studio, the most powerful graphical environment software for machine vision engineers. The newest release offers new and upgraded functionality which further improves its intuitiveness and ease of use, including OCR and calibration graphical editors, surface inspection tools and more. The new release also means further advances in Adaptive Vision Studio performance and GPGPU processing support.

Furthermore, Adaptive Vision introduces special support for smart cameras, such as CORSIGHT (NET GmbH) and NEON (Adlink). There are two options:

1. EASY MAINTENANCE: You can fully control your vision systems remotely from your laptop computer or from a central workstation in your production facility.

2. QUICK SETUP: You can obtain a vision system with preinstalled SMART edition of Adaptive Vision Studio and work directly on the camera.

Together with this release, Adaptive Vision also introduced Lite version of Adaptive Vision Library, making its basic functionality, comparable with OpenCV/imgproc, now available for free, also for commercial applications. Additionally, graphical data editors that Adaptive Vision Studio (e.g. for rectangles or regions) can now be also used by programmers in AVL.NET.

Adaptive Vision Studio combines ease of use of graphical vision tools and powerful capabilities of low level libraries. Its flexibility allows working with wide range of hardware and technologies. Features:

  • Compatible with GigE Vision standard
  • Compatible with GenTL/GenICam standards
  • Extensible with C++ User Filters
  • Optional C++ code generator
  • Interoperability with .NET technology
  • Compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8
  • C++ library also available for Linux

The free version, Adaptive Vision Studio Lite, is available for download and tests at company's website.