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3D imaging package

Multipix Imaging has secured exceptional support from leading manufacturers to be able to offer universities the opportunity to invest in 3D imaging technology at a fraction of the list price. The aim of the promotion is to enable students to gain firsthand experience of 3D technology being used in industry today and to learn skills that create solutions for the future.

The package consists of a Sick Ranger camera. The camera measures object shape (3D) at high speed and quality at the same time as capturing other object features such as greyscale and laser scatter. To extend the capabilities of this, Multipix Imaging also includes the powerful Halcon image processing software from MVTec. Halcon offers advanced 3D analysis as well as solutions for a full range of applications in the field of machine vision, medical image analysis, automotive and robotics, surveillance and remote sensing. To complete the offer, the package also includes the latest laser technology from ProPhotonix, the Inviso. The starting price for the package is £3,399 excluding VAT.


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