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The Wafer Surface Instrument

Tordivel Solar has released a new generation of optical contamination inspection solutions for mono and poly-crystalline wafers.

The Wafer Surface Instrument performs an automatic surface quality control of wafers. The wafers are characterised based on the following cosmetic surface effects: large area contamination, small area contamination, lines and spots, dark spots, suction cup marks and shiny patches.

The system uses a combination of angled lighting and omni-directional uniform illumination together with two line scan cameras per side and a PC for image collection, processing, user interface and process interface software. The lighting removes crystals in the image and cosmetic surface effects like contamination and shiny patches are clearly visible.

The 4 Megapixel images are captured using line scan cameras with 80 micrometre resolution. The solution is built on Scorpion Vision Software for configurability, reliability, flexibility and ease of maintenance.

The system is sold as a standalone system, as part of the Surface Instrument or as part of the Tordivel Solar WIS – Wafer Inspection System. The characterisation instrument is delivered as a one-sided or a two-sided version. The throughput is typically one wafer per second.


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