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24Z2.1WS-36X block camera

Our newest addition to the Videology block camera family is our most powerful camera. The 24Z2.1WS-36X has a 1/2" 2.1MP Sony Exmor™ sensor and is combined with a 36X optical zoom lens delivering superior low light performance in color. The focal length at f=6.0mm-216mm is designed with positioner manufacturers in mind who are looking to pair a visible light camera that can view long distance along side a thermal core.

The camera outputs full HD LVDS and EX-SDI. Sony VISCA™ Protocol is standard for camera register control. Extended SDI transmission range is a class leading 1500+ feet. To reduce image vibration, a Digital Image Stabilizer provides digital compensation. Wide Dynamic Range is a real  100dB.

Engineers will be happy to learn Videology has design and manufacturing operations in USA and Europe. Technical support is readily available to integrators and North America, in all three regions. Faster response in local time zones is only one of Videology's many Customer/Engineer oriented benefits.

High definition upgrade

Videology Customers can upgrade to Hi Def from our Standard Def CCD global shutter camera ranges. Same size footprint, same communication, same lens mounts, same superior support! Same 5 year life cycle maintenance. Today it is monochrome. Color is in July.

A global shutter mitigates the effect of motion blur and can retain information that may hide within the blur. Rolling shutter cameras with standard frame rates do not. Most Hi Def cameras have a rolling shutter. If it has 60 fps or higher frame rates it helps the issue with motion artifacts, but never completely as well as a Global Shutter with high frame rates.

It is not only 30 fps CMOS sensor cameras, but also USB 2 type of imaging output that restricts display of scene motion. USB 3 allows display of Videology’s 25B1.2XU3 up to 106 fps in global shutter using VGA resolution. Binning & Skipping maintains high sensitivity.

The 25B1.2XU3’s multi-functionality is beneficial for several applications. With a true monochrome sensor & lots of sensitivity in near IR right up to 1.1 micron, only minimal Illumination with popular 750 to 940nm range LEDs are needed. Fluorescence & Microscopy applications also benefit with the many feature combinations of this camera.

The dual outputs of USB 3 and BT-1120 can be operated concurrently.


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