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Videology is proud to announce a new Crosstree Technology, called EX-SDI, which allows transfer of Full HD up to a distance of 500 meters, without repeaters.

It is ideal for applications requiring instant imaging without latency. Applications that provide time critical guidance cannot work with imaging solutions having a delay of more than 0.1 seconds. An over all cost effective solution.

Videology's EX-SDI Crosstree® Technology:

  • 60 fps Full HD support
  • 500 meters digital video transmission, using standard cabling, without repeaters
  • Latency less than 1 fps
  • Lowest electronic transmission noise
  • Bi-directional communication capability
  • Compliant with existing infrastructure of analog CVBS or SDI cameras
  • Coax RG59, RG6
  • Cat 5/6

Videology's solution approach focuses on: 

  • Miniaturization
  • Interoperability & dimensional consistency  from one product generation to the next
  • Life Cycle Management for 5-7 years
  • Customer centric manufacturing capabilities 

Your integrated vision solution is our primary focus. We can assist with partial or full integration design and manufacturing.


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