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Python 2000 and 5000 sensors with LGA packages

ON Semiconductor has brought out versions with 128-pin LGA packages for its popular CMOS sensors, the Python 2000 and Python 5000. This makes the sensors especially suitable for mounting in applications in rough surroundings subject to heavy movements. The new Python variants are available from FRAMOS, the image processing specialist.

The Python family from ON Semiconductor is particularly suitable for Machine Vision applications, Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) and inspection applications that require a high image quality and high speeds using a state-of-the-art CMOS global shutter. The new versions of the Python 2000 and 5000 (2 megapixels and 5 megapixels) are now also available with LGA packages as connecting and mounting variants. The LGA packages have very flat contact surfaces on the underside of the image sensor and, in combination with flexible bases, exert less mechanical stress on the PCBs during installation and removal of the sensor contacts. The LGAs can also be soldered directly in place for even more stable integration.

FRAMOS sensor expert Sibel Yorulmaz-Cokugur explains the advantages: “The new 128-pin LGA packages reduce sensor wear and prevents any damage. The improved heat dissipation compared to PIN packages keeps the sensor cooler and produces less thermal noise. This ensures a longer service life and lasting image quality, especially when using the sensors in rough conditions.”

The highly compact and flat LGA packages also require less space in the PCB design. This allows for more compact vision systems, greater mounting density, or more integrated functionality on the PCB itself. The direct connection on the underside of the sensor means the LGAs also have a lower impedance and are therefore less prone to faults as well as providing better electrical performance.

The industry and product experts at FRAMOS use their specialist knowledge of sensors and systems to help customers integrate new sensors into their applications and projects with additional services such as development support, customer-specific adaptations and logistics services. For sensor fitting, FRAMOS provides advice on the most compatible base, e.g. from ANDON, and all other components.


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