Xenics strengthens presence security market

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Xenics, a European developer and manufacturer of advanced InGaAs infrared detectors and customised IR imaging solutions, is expanding its reach to the government and security systems community. It has strengthening its direct sales force for the 'XenicsCores' product line of shortwave infrared and longwave infrared OEM modules and has recently appointed a new European sales manager and added another staff position to cover the OEM security market.

Xenics is putting a stronger focus on the highly demanding and rapidly growing segment of government and security applications, such as active and passive day/night vision for enhanced vision systems, situational awareness, UAV (defence, surveillance and fire-fighting), homeland security and SAR (search and rescue) missions.

‘The emerging security market is very important to us,’ said Xenics founder and CEO Bob Grietens. ‘Thus, we are moving into direct sales to be closer to the system designer and manufacturer. Last December, we have hired an extra person as sales manager XenicsCores based in Paris, France, to handle the many inquiries destined for Southern Europe.’

‘Our customers frequently state there is an important piece missing in the government and public security market for highly qualified and rugged OEM modules,’ said European sales manager Guido Deutz. ‘The European security community is looking for an alternative supplier like us - who is not a potential competitor but close technology-wise to help build product value and accelerate time to market. We have proven these requirements many times and support our customers as partners.’

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